the sirius by ellipse being operated to remove hair from a persons leg

Laser Treatments for Skin Care

We are delighted to be able to offer the latest technology in laser treatment for acne clearance, hair removal, vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, and facial thread veins. The Sirius by Ellipse continues the same high standards that have positioned Ellipse as a lead brand since 1997. Dual mode filtering and square pulse technology, which eliminate the need for active cooling and enhanced efficacy are two reasons why the Sirius by Ellipse is so highly respected. Ease of use, variety of treatments, speed, and virtual silence are few of the reasons why it is so widely used.

Laser hair removal treatments cannot be book online, as you will need to have a consultation with us first prior to any laser treatment, a thorough free of charge consultation is carried out to assess areas of concern, a patch test will be carried out, we do the test prior to a course of treatment.

Laser hair removal will require a course of treatments, courses are sold in blocks of six visits.
Please speak to us about the latest laser offers on offer at the clinic.

a person having hair removed from their leg through laser treatment Laser Hair Removal

Hair contains a pigment called melanin which absorbs the light from the laser, this is then converted to heat and destroys the follicle making it unable to produce a new hair.

Please note these treatment prices are a guide only and an exact price will be discussed at a consultation appointment.
Top lip £60 Bikini £120
Chin £60 Brazilian £150
Top lip & Chin £90 Hollywood £180
Side of face £60 Half leg £240
Neck from £60 Full leg £420
Underarm £120 Back or Chest from £240
a blonde lady smiling with a hat on with incredibly clear skin Skin Rejuvenation

We can safely remove age spots, diffuse redness, treat Rosacea and improve uneven pigmentation. Facial thread veins can also be removed with the Ellipse skin rejuvenation system.

Skin rejuvenation £114
Thread veins from £30
a blonde teenage girl smiling with clear skin Acne Clearance

Laser for Acne clearance is an effective light-based therapy that targets the bacteria present in the follicle and kills it off faster than it can reproduce, it also helps reduce inflammation and diffuse redness. £90