a lady rubbing down her face after receiving a chemical peel

Chemical Peels in St Edmunds

A chemical exfoliation or peel is a treatment to refine and improve the condition of your skin. We use Glo Skin which is a medical grade product line. Targeting multiple skin concerns and using natural fruit acids, high levels of active ingredients and anti-oxidants to ensure healthier skin with instant noticeable results.
A course of 4-6 treatments is recommended for optimum results or as directed by your Aesthetican.

Flower Enzyme All skin types and concerns, revitalises, stimulates and tones skin with no downtime. £54
Enzyme Oily and combination skin concerned with ageing, uneven texture, acne and breakouts. £60
Hydra Radiance Peel - Lactic 20% Dry skin concerned with ageing, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, redness. £60
GlyPro Resurfacing Peel - Glycolic 30% All skin types and concerns (except sensitive), a versatile and fast-acting acid, repairs and regenerates skin. £60
GlyPro Power Peel+ - Glycolic 60% All skin types except sensitive concerned with ageing, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation. £72
Beta Clarity Peel - Salicylic 30% Oily and combination skin concerned with uneven texture, acne and breakouts, redness. £74
Retinol + C Peel Boost Max - Retinol + C Exfoliant All skin types and concerns (except sensitive), effectively achieves skin sloughing, can be used alone or to intensify another chemical exfoliant. £84
Triple Transformation Peel - Modified Jessner 14% All skin types and concerns except sensitive, transforms skin and reduces the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. £102
AB Clinical Renewal Peel - AlphaBeta 17% Physician strength for all skin types and concerns (except sensitive), refines surface texture and lessens the appearance of uneven skin tone. £138
TCA Clinical Reveal Peel - TCA 15% Physician strength for all skin types (except sensitive), concerned with ageing, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation £115

Information for all the above peels

Duration for procedures are 1 hour.
Preparation is required 2 weeks prior to your treatment at home.
Skin recovery will depend on the level of peel with a maximum of 2-5 days peeling.
You will see a noticeable result from the first peel but greater results after the recommended course.
Post treatment information

It is vital that you protect your skin from the damage that UVA and UVB rays cause by using a sufficient UVA / UVB sunblock. You will be recommended after care products designed to work in harmony with the peels you are having and it is very important to follow the skin care routine that has been discussed.
Please do not touch, rub or scratch the treated areas. You may gently apply mineral make-up post treatment, or apply your normal makeup 24 hours post procedure.
Avoid extreme changes of temperature until all redness has settled completely.
The side effects created are rare and mild in nature, and are normally a direct result of the effect of the peel, such as itching caused by the regeneration of new skin cells taking place. You can control your itching in a variety of ways, but the main thing to remember is scratching may bring temporary relief, but it also may result in wasted time, money, and suffering if you do not heal correctly because of scratching. A cold compress will soothe the skin, and in extreme cases an antihistamine from your pharmacy may help.